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New development release of the Roguelike game.

I’ve decided to change the objective of the Roguelike game that I’m developing. The engine development has been dismissed. Now it’s just the game itself. Tweet

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Update: new version of the Discworld Reading Guide App

The Discworld Reading Guide App has been updated. Now offline and better resolution content. Updated to the last guide version available. Tweet

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A couple of spanish Android development books

I bought those spanish Android books by Jesús Tomás Gironés. Pretty Cool. Tweet

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New demo of the rogue-style RPG game.

The old-style 2d engine and the ‘demo’ game are evolving. What’s new: -Engine based on Libgdx -Mouse / touchpad control -Action bar + visual character inventory -Music -Can run on Android devices Needed (Engine): -More complex tile management, drawing more

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Discovering Libgdx, the cross-platform java game development framework

Despite libgdx is a well-stablished java game development framework, I’ve discovered it last week. Libgdx allows cross-platform (android, ios, html, desktop) game development, and give us a great API to wrap openGL native functions. The first thing I’ve done, was

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Ice melting time-lapse

Ice melting time-lapse to try Samsung Galaxy Nexus (not a very good cam). Tweet

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Time-lapses go mobile

Smartphones are a good alternative for casual timelapses. Although everyday you can find more cameras (compact and DSLR ones) with intervalometer as a feature, the reality is that the chances to find a affordable camera with intervalometer are small, so

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