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LifeBox in MagPi magazine issue #35


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New iteration of the LifeBox: the controller panel

Here it is the new iteration of the LifeBox: an Arduino based control panel with 5 beautiful configurable rotary angle controllers allowing to change the behaviour of the species in real time whitout touching the code! Current C code is

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Mini LifeBox! with Arduino Uno

This is the prototype 001 of the LifeBox! little brother made with a 8×8 RGB Panel and Arduino Uno. Arduino code here.   Tweet

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LifeBox! with Raspberry Pi

UPDATE II: this is the new iteration of the LifeBox with rotary angle controllers (more info): In this box live two pixelic entities, the blue and yellow species. This two species compete to survive and reproduce, feeding with the white

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Life box

Life box is a videoart project: a box where hundreds of little pixelic entities of two different species born, eat, grow, reproduce itself and finally die, trying to be more efficient that others.   Tweet

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Raspberry Pi Life Simulator

Using one Raspberry Pi and one 32×32 RGB Led Panel and inspired by my Life Simulator Android App I created a Rasbperry version. The idea is to parametrize the behaviour of plants (green) and two herbivore species (red and blue) that compete among each

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Mowayduino robot API and IDE testing script

Script to test the Mowayduino robot API:   //**************************************** // Libraries //**************************************** #include “MowayduinoRobot.h” #include #include //**************************************** // Objects //**************************************** mowayduinorobot robot; //**************************************** // RF event function (necessary for compiling) //**************************************** void RfDataReady(); void RfDataReady() {} //**************************************** // // Main Program

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Egocentric Device

To test the new 32×32 RGB LED panel I’ve build a kind of “Egocentric Twitter Panel” The idea is to reuse the Talking Twitter script and the driver for the 32×32 RGB LED panel: If you run the script, when

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32 x 32 RGB LED panel matrix for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I bought to SK Pang Electronics a 32 x 32 RGB LED panel: It works great! As usual, resources on the net to install it:×32-led-matrix-on-the-raspberry-pi/ [Blog that guides you to the RPi panel installation] [Original Rpi C++ Driver] [Fork to

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Computer vision, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Webcams and CSI Raspicam

Before start talking about the installation of openCV in a Raspberry Pi its important to clarify something: If you use a regular USB camera attached to the Raspberry Pi, the installation is basically the same as any other debian like distribution.

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