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360º panoramic mobile camera stand with velocity controller. Iteration 4

New: using a potentiometer for velocity control. Thanks to Code Tweet

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Chip-8 Linux port

I’ve made a port of the original Chip-8 implementation to Linux. You can download the sources and bins here You can also can get free chip-8 roms to test the emulator and other good resources. Tweet

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In progress: CHIP-8 emulator

Make an emulator is one of my main goals, but I never tried even to start. It’s an amazing but complex and overwhelming world. Now, I decided to start, and I’ve found the CHIP-8 platform as a good target to

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360º programmable panoramic mobile camera system with Arduino Micro controller

I’ve build a 360º programmable panoramic mobile camera system with Arduino Micro controller. The goal: create 360º videos or time-lapses.     With the Arduino Micro you can control the Servo rotation velocity. Before posting a video, i’m trying to make

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Video, source code and schematics of the prototype of a (very) basic arduino based weather station

Video and raw C code of the weather station (the code is very, very raw and dirty, only for testing purposes) The recipe: Arduino ONE TFT/LCD Board Photoresistor Humidity sensor (DHT11/DHT22) Temperature sensor Protoboard 10K Resistors Wires 9V Battery Small

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Simple arduino weather station with color LCD display and SD card to save data

New LCD Display + SD Arduino Board,  weather station temperature concept test. I also bought a DHT 11 humidity sensor (DHT 11 Arduino library) to build the weather station:       Tweet

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Forthcoming ideas: creating a NES emulator

Emulators development have always been a very interesting (and complex) world to me. Yesterday I found an incredible  speedrun video of developing a functional C++ NES emulator  in less than 15 minutes (using assisted speedrun tools obviously). The best thing is that the

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Forthcoming ideas: Bytebeat and algorithmic music

Last week I found a new (new to me)  interesting concept  to explore: the algorithmic music. The idea is to send a sequence generated by a simple formula based on time-dependent data to the DSP. These data are interpreted as waveform

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