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Using IKEA kitchen timer as 360º time-lapse panoramic device

Some time ago I made a 360º panoramic mobile camera stand for time-lapses using Arduino micro. It works good, but have some issues using 360º continuous servo as a rotation device so I tried a new concept: Use an Ikea

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Sending weather data via Twitter using Rasbperry Pi and DHT22

UPDATE: adding a light sensor to the device. The idea behind this project is connect some sensors to the Raspberry Pi and put the information available on demand via Twitter requests and put sensor history data online on the web

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Online temperature & humidity realtime data with DHT11 sensor and Raspberry Pi

UPDATE: take a look at this post (and 2)to see the new improved version of the device, using a DHT22, a light sensor, and sending data via Twitter I found a great and detailed post about using the DHT11 humidiy sensor with

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Basic 4WD Robot obstacle avoiding concept

A last, thanks to this book I learned how to use capacitators to avoid motor interferences (I’m a total electronic newbie) and I rebuilt my 4WD robot from scratch. For this test concept I used: Arduino Uno 4WD robot Arduino Motor Shield (good

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Box2D in artillery games, a concept demo: From Gorilla to Angry Birds.

In recent times, Angry Birds has had great repercussion in the world of casual games, but the concept it is based on is not new: Since 1988 Artillery, and subsequently, Gorillas, developed by IBM,  bunled with MS -DOS 5 and  distributed

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Forthcoming ideas: Bytebeat and algorithmic music

Last week I found a new (new to me)  interesting concept  to explore: the algorithmic music. The idea is to send a sequence generated by a simple formula based on time-dependent data to the DSP. These data are interpreted as waveform

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Concept: Ground pictures

I don’t know why, but I love to take pictures of the ground, I think they are simply beautiful. No photoshoped images. Tweet

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