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Python/Pygame port of TennisForTwo: first videogame ever (1958)

The history of videogames is very interesting issue, and the title of the  “first videogame of all time”  was always very disputed. In spite of the existence of a protovideogame called Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (1947) and other examples

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Historic: Trip cost calculator Android app

*** DESCRIPTION *** This application allows to calculate the trip cost among shared car passengers. *** ADVANTAGES *** – Supports two different unit systems: Kilometrers / Litrers or Miles / Gallons. – Easy way to calculate the trip costs. –

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Historic: Discworld Reading Guide Android app

Updated to Discworld Reading Guide 2.2 / 2013. A -very- simple but useful (and nice) Discworld reading graphic guide. You can Zoom in/out over the Guide. Note: Now the app is offline. Internet connection is not required Guide Contributors: Richard

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Historic: Life Simulator Android app

LifeProject is an opensource basic life (ecosystem) simulator. This is not a game ‘per se’, is a playable scientific / educational application. This simulator has three main elements with its own model and behaviour. The plants (resources), and two species

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