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How to build a subjective camera robot car with Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Introduction: The idea behind this project is to build a web-based (mobile devices enabled) wireless remote controlled robot with subjective camera from scratch. We will use Raspberry Pi for camera, WiFi and user interface and Arduino to control servos, sensors

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Minecraft Pi lottery wall via Twitter

The idea behind the Minecraft Pi lottery wall is that you can create a minecraft wall with an image of your choice (using the Minecraft pi image render script) and let people break every block of the image sending messages

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Online temperature & humidity realtime data with DHT11 sensor and Raspberry Pi

UPDATE: take a look at this post (and 2)to see the new improved version of the device, using a DHT22, a light sensor, and sending data via Twitter I found a great and detailed post about using the DHT11 humidiy sensor with

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New GITHUB repo for scripts and code snippets

All the scripts and small pieces of code (and further updates) are now at github under GPL3: Clone URL:   Tweet

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Sketch of recursive link python webcrawler

As evolution of the previous python snippet, this script allows to search a string inside url content and recursively follow their links. import urllib2 import sys import re def getlinksfromurl(url): linkset = set() try: usock = urllib2.urlopen(url) data =

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First stone of a Python webcrawler

I’m learning Python, so I’m trying to create a Python webcrawler. The first method allows you to get a collection of unique url links from a given base url. I’m amazed with Python simplicity, this is the first stone of

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Very simple Java http server

I’m learning to build a simple Java http server. This is the first working version (raw and unpolished). import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; public class Conexion extends Thread {

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In progress: “The Ground” project

Maybe you know that (if you look at previous posts i.e.) I love to take pictures of the ground and I want to install some kind of gallery manager. Finally I found a interesting and free wordpress base template to

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In progress: Raspberry Pi experimentation

Few weeks ago, I found by chance one shop that sell ‘Raspberries’, and I bought one.   Tweet

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Concept: Ground pictures

I don’t know why, but I love to take pictures of the ground, I think they are simply beautiful. No photoshoped images. Tweet

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