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Computer vision, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Webcams and CSI Raspicam

Before start talking about the installation of openCV in a Raspberry Pi its important to clarify something: If you use a regular USB camera attached to the Raspberry Pi, the installation is basically the same as any other debian like distribution.

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Discworld Reading Guide App 1.5 Released!

Discworld Reading guide 1.5 Released! Updated April 2014! Yes!, it’s a super-simple App, but useful for Terry Pratchett fans! You can download it from here: Tweet

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Android Wear: The first try

After the presentation  of the new Android Wear concept a few days ago, I decided to request access to the preview of  the SDK. The first thing to do is update de Android SDK, install the software and download the preview

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Very simple Java http server

I’m learning to build a simple Java http server. This is the first working version (raw and unpolished). import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; public class Conexion extends Thread {

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