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Ubuntu Snappy Core i Ubuntu Mate, instal.lació i configuració en la Raspberry Pi 2


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Festa Vivid Vervet – Ubuntu 15.04

Tal com marca la tradició, després de 6 mesos d’espera, a l’abril de 2015 es farà pública la versió definitiva del GNU/LinuxUbuntu 15.04. Per celebrar-ho, la comunitat de l’Ubuntu en català, tal i com porta fent amb l’aparició d’anteriors versions

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Time-lapse based video-clip of 1986 – Kavinsky

Funny time playing with Kdenlive (Linux), Lapse It Pro Android App and enjoying Kavinsky music! 🙂 Hope you like it! Tweet

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How to build a subjective camera robot car with Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Introduction: The idea behind this project is to build a web-based (mobile devices enabled) wireless remote controlled robot with subjective camera from scratch. We will use Raspberry Pi for camera, WiFi and user interface and Arduino to control servos, sensors

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Review of Ubuntu Phone on bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

A few days ago I decided to buy a bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition and after a few days of use I think I can make an little review of the phone. It is clear that the bq model is not high end,

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Creating photo mosaics with Python

Thanks to Dan Aldred and their greate article about Python photo mosaics, I’ve build an all-in-one, one step mosaic generator, you only must define the original image to be rendered, the file output and the image folder with original pictures (not

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How to install Snappy Ubuntu Core in Raspberry Pi 2

There is no much documentation about Snappy Ubuntu Core, but I tried to assemble different sources to build a single document covering all aspects of Snappy Ubuntu Core installation. As Canonical says, Snappy Ubuntu Core is a new rendition of Ubuntu with transactional

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Screen: The lifesaver tool to work with remote ssh sessions

You are working with a remote server ssh session in your client computer, maybe you are compiling something or you are running a long run script, but for some reason you must shut down or restart your computer, the power is out

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Twitter voice notifier with Python and Twython

This script (thanks to Raspberry Pi Projects book and Raspberry Pi Twitter monitor) is the first step of interactive led video art project I have in mind. The goal is allow people to change the configuration of led installation via Twitter

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Chip-8 Linux port

I’ve made a port of the original Chip-8 implementation to Linux. You can download the sources and bins here You can also can get free chip-8 roms to test the emulator and other good resources. Tweet

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