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RetroPie: The Raspberry Pi dedicated retro-gaming console

Since my Raspberry Pi did not have any use, I was thinking of give some. So I decided to install the “RetroPie script” and configure my Raspberry to make it a retro-gaming console emulator. Installation is fairly straigthforward and when

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m0wayduino arrived! Tweet

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First approach to Linux kernel module programming

I Always have been interested about kernel internals, so I’ve found that old but fre, interesting and easy to follow book about Linux kernel module programming. This is an excellent guide for anyone wishing to get started on kernel module

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Using a USB MIDI keyboard with a linux box

Few days ago, I tried to use my Yamaha KX49 MIDI USB keyboard with my linux mint (ubuntu based) laptop. After a little bit of web search, I’ve found the solution based on ubuntu repos: The first thing to do

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Time-lapse 2: improving

I’ve tried to repeat the previous timelapse, improving it. In this version, I have lengthened the video, covering day-night transition, the video has also been edited and music has been added.   Tweet

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My first time-lapse. The Linux easy way

Maybe this will be the first post that will give some useful information 😉 When I saw a timelapse for the first time I was amazed, and I promised me that I’ll do it sometime. What do you need to

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In progress: Raspberry Pi experimentation

Few weeks ago, I found by chance one shop that sell ‘Raspberries’, and I bought one.   Tweet

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