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Computer vision, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Webcams and CSI Raspicam

Before start talking about the installation of openCV in a Raspberry Pi its important to clarify something: If you use a regular USB camera attached to the Raspberry Pi, the installation is basically the same as any other debian like distribution.

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Chip-8 Linux port

I’ve made a port of the original Chip-8 implementation to Linux. You can download the sources and bins here You can also can get free chip-8 roms to test the emulator and other good resources. Tweet

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In progress: CHIP-8 emulator

Make an emulator is one of my main goals, but I never tried even to start. It’s an amazing but complex and overwhelming world. Now, I decided to start, and I’ve found the CHIP-8 platform as a good target to

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Stochastic 3D OpenGL Cutted Fractal Tree with Python

I got it! The OpenGL 3D fractal tree and a bonus: keyboard controls! The code is for sure not very well designed, I’m just an OpenGL noob.   from OpenGL.GL import * from OpenGL.GLU import * from pygame.locals import *

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Python Stochastic 2D OpenGL Cutted Fractal Tree

My objective is create a 3D OpenGL Fractal Tree, but I’m just starting to learn OpenGL, so first thing I did was porting the code from Python Pygame primitives to python 2D OpenGL.   from OpenGL.GL import * from OpenGL.GLU

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Book: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming

I love videogame programming and I’m trying to learn OpenGL, so I bought this: Tweet

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