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Basic 4WD Robot obstacle avoiding concept

A last, thanks to this book I learned how to use capacitators to avoid motor interferences (I’m a total electronic newbie) and I rebuilt my 4WD robot from scratch. For this test concept I used: Arduino Uno 4WD robot Arduino Motor Shield (good

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First 360º time-lapse video using the DIY ‘arduino device’

This isn’t a great video indeed, but is a concept demo of my DIY 360º progammable time-lapse device. Tweet

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Video, source code and schematics of the prototype of a (very) basic arduino based weather station

Video and raw C code of the weather station (the code is very, very raw and dirty, only for testing purposes) The recipe: Arduino ONE TFT/LCD Board Photoresistor Humidity sensor (DHT11/DHT22) Temperature sensor Protoboard 10K Resistors Wires 9V Battery Small

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Forthcoming ideas: creating a NES emulator

Emulators development have always been a very interesting (and complex) world to me. Yesterday I found an incredible  speedrun video of developing a functional C++ NES emulator  in less than 15 minutes (using assisted speedrun tools obviously). The best thing is that the

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Android version of the rogue-like game

I’m working on the Android version of rogue-like game.   Tweet

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New development release of the Roguelike game.

I’ve decided to change the objective of the Roguelike game that I’m developing. The engine development has been dismissed. Now it’s just the game itself. Tweet

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Phone tripod

Finaly, I’ve a good mobile phone tripod for better time-lapses. And a quick on-the-fly time-lapse to try it:   Tweet

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Experimenting with time-lapses: In car time-lapse

I’ve tried to attach my GPS support with my Smartphone, trying to make a ‘on the road’ time-lapse. Tweet

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Ice melting time-lapse

Ice melting time-lapse to try Samsung Galaxy Nexus (not a very good cam). Tweet

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Time-lapses go mobile

Smartphones are a good alternative for casual timelapses. Although everyday you can find more cameras (compact and DSLR ones) with intervalometer as a feature, the reality is that the chances to find a affordable camera with intervalometer are small, so

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