Historic: Life Simulator Android app

LifeProject is an opensource basic life (ecosystem) simulator.
This is not a game ‘per se’, is a playable scientific / educational application.
This simulator has three main elements with its own model and behaviour. The plants (resources), and two species (herbivorous) that compete for it.
You can configure the model and see how the system evolves through time on the simulation tab. You also can change all the variables on real time and see the changes on the simulation screen.
The plants are the main resource for the species. At the end of each turn each living plant is evaluated to know if it dies or not. Each plant have an specific amount of energy in relation of its age. This energy will be used for the species to grow.
Plants variables: General grow ratio, Enhanced grow ratio, OnRain grow ratio, Rain chances and Rain duration.
On this simulation, there are two species (specie one and specie two) that compete for resources (plants), that give to the individuals of each specie the enrgy to grow, move and reproduce itself.
Species variables: Reproduction chances, Max age, Energy used to grow, X coord of first seed & Y coord of first seed.
Please, this is a brief abstract, if you want to know how to use the simulator, refer to: https://github.com/ferriman/LifeProject/wiki/LifeProject


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