Historic: Trip cost calculator Android app


This application allows to calculate the trip cost among shared car passengers.


– Supports two different unit systems: Kilometrers / Litrers or Miles / Gallons.

– Easy way to calculate the trip costs.

– You can use it without GPS or 3G enabled.

– High precision without the need to know technical details.

– Friendly enviroment.


To get the final cost per passenger we use next variables:

Vehicle specifications:

-Vehicle type: Type of vehicle used for the trip

-Type of fuel: Type of fuel of the vehicle.

Road specifications:

-Kilometers: Total distance of the trip.

-Toll cost: Cost of all tolls.

-Fuel cost: Fuel cost (per liter).

-Route type: Route type mainly used on the trip (select mixed if you cannot determine).


-Number of passengers: Number of passengers that travels on the vehicle.

-Extra expenses: Extra expenses like food, motel, etc

You can get the the final amount, selecting the results tab.

DISCLAIMER: The final cost will be an approximation based on data introduced by the user.


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