In progress: The frog goes crazy

I was very happy thinking about how near I was to finisish my first obstacle avoiding robot, but this is when fantasy collides with relality. Nothing is so easy as it seems.

I bought the proximity sensor (sharp 0A41SK), I attached it into the robot, I tested it, and developed the robot program to make it run. All separated parts seems to run perfect, the code was easy, but…

… when I turn on the robot, it have a crazy behaviour, I debuged it and I found that when the motors started, the proximity sensor gone wild. Searching on the net I’ve found that the interference form the motors was causing problems (seems to be a common de-coupling problem), and I need to use capacitors and inductors to remove the electronic noise.

So, as I don’t know very much about electronics, I need to put it on hold and learn a bit first.


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