Let’s play robotics with mOwayduino

Open source platform, based on Arduino technology. Ready-to-go programmable robot, from zero to expert.

The campaign has ended, I hope  I can get it soon.


An already built platform which includes everything you need to start working:



• Arduino Leonardo based robot (ATmega 32u4)
• 4 anti-collision infrared sensors
• 1 directional light intensity sensor
• 2 opto-reflective infrared sensors for the floor
• Bicoloured luminous indicator on top
• Frontal LED
• Red rear LEDs
• 3-axis accelerometer
• Microphone
• RF communication based on nRF24L01+
• LiPo battery rechargable via USB
• 2 hours without external power supply
• Prepared for collaborative robotics
• Expansion modules

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