LifeBox! with Raspberry Pi

UPDATE II: this is the new iteration of the LifeBox with rotary angle controllers (more info):

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In this box live two pixelic entities, the blue and yellow species. This two species compete to survive and reproduce, feeding with the white mana that grows under his feet.
Each species has eight configurable variables that can change their behavior.
The white mana also has five parameters that determine their behavior and also rules the future of the two species that feeds.
Learn the basic concepts of programming and biology being the god of these entities, varying all the parameters and seeing the consequences of your actions in the LifeBox!

UPDATE II: I’m thinking about launching LifeBox as a kit via Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign, if you are interested, please fill this form and you will be contacted when it will be ready:

LifeBox Crowdfunding information subscription form:

If you want to build the LifeBox by yourself, I recommend you to read this PDF and the related posts on this blog, if you have any trouble, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll try to help you. Thanks!

Life Box

Life Box

Life Box

Life Box

Life Box Manifesto

Life Box Manifesto


Life Box Manifesto

Life Box Manifesto


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8 comments on “LifeBox! with Raspberry Pi
  1. Are you planning on writing up the hardware side of the project?

    • admin says:

      Yep! I’ll do after the Jam, but it’s easy this time, a Raspberry Pi with a 32×32 LED panel attached to the GPIO, all the stuff is in the software part 😛 Driver is based on Peter Onion implementation. I’ll write about it.

    • MARC ANDREU says:

      Awesome project !

      Many thanks for sharing, I would like to implement a JAVA version of this code. I am currently doing some code translation just for testing the Pi4j new library. This project would be fun to test and work with. Maybe adding some sensors to modify input parameters. This is very cool stuff.

      Keep on hacking 🙂

  2. brilliant execution! let me know if you decide to kit these or put them up on kickstarter. nicely done!

  3. Well done! Looking forward for some details about how you developed this, I really wanna reproduce it only using JavaScript.


  4. EverPi says:

    Amazing project! Congratulations. I think i’ll try to make something similar.

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