Minecraft Social Graffiti

UPDATE: [SUSPENDED] Next session Tuesday 28 Oct from 17:00 to 22:00

Minecraft Social Graffiti is a social experiment based on Minecraft Pi (using Raspberry Pi) and Twitter.

The idea behind this experiment is to allow users to free draw on a 20×15 blocks minecraft wall build on Minecraft Pi via Twitter.

To do that, every user can send an unlimited (stay alert about the twitter spam policies) number of Tweets to @DIYProjectLog to draw a block on the wall using the next syntax:

@DIYProjectLog color xcoord ycoord


color can be: white,orange,magenta,lightblue,yellow,lime,pink,gray,lightgray,cyan,purple,blue,brown,green,red,black

xcoord from 1 to 20

ycoord from 1 to 15

for example:

@DIYProjectLog orange 3 8

will draw a orange block on the coordinate (3,8) on the wall

To see the results, the wall will be broadcasted live in real time using streaming system as long as the experiment session will be active.

If you want to be part of the first attempt of this experiment,  I will publish further details via @DIYProjectLog twitter account. Stay updated following this account.

All Programs and code snippets are available via github.

Minecraft Social Graffiti Wall

Minecraft Social Graffiti Wall


Recording of the experiment stream:

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