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Having fun with Google Cardboard

You can get all the info about Google Cardboard at the official site to build on your own or buying it from online sellers. Get your own Google cardboard and have a little bit of fun! 🙂      

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Android L developers preview first impressions

Yesterday I installed Android L developers preview on my Nexus 5. The first thing to discuss is that although Android L is available to all Nexus5 / Nexus7 2013 users, this afirmation is a bit misleading, because doesn’t exist a trivial process

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Discworld Reading Guide App 1.5 Released!

Discworld Reading guide 1.5 Released! Updated April 2014! Yes!, it’s a super-simple App, but useful for Terry Pratchett fans! You can download it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guide.discworld Tweet

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Android Wear: The first try

After the presentation  of the new Android Wear concept a few days ago, I decided to request access to the preview of  the SDK. The first thing to do is update de Android SDK, install the software and download the preview

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Historic: Trip cost calculator Android app

*** DESCRIPTION *** This application allows to calculate the trip cost among shared car passengers. *** ADVANTAGES *** – Supports two different unit systems: Kilometrers / Litrers or Miles / Gallons. – Easy way to calculate the trip costs. –

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Historic: Discworld Reading Guide Android app

Updated to Discworld Reading Guide 2.2 / 2013. A -very- simple but useful (and nice) Discworld reading graphic guide. You can Zoom in/out over the Guide. Note: Now the app is offline. Internet connection is not required Guide Contributors: Richard

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Historic: Life Simulator Android app

LifeProject is an opensource basic life (ecosystem) simulator. This is not a game ‘per se’, is a playable scientific / educational application. This simulator has three main elements with its own model and behaviour. The plants (resources), and two species

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Android version of the rogue-like game

I’m working on the Android version of rogue-like game.   Tweet

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Learning LIBGDX game development book

I bought a very interesting book (and the only one as far as I know) about Libgdx cross-platform game development. Tweet

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New development release of the Roguelike game.

I’ve decided to change the objective of the Roguelike game that I’m developing. The engine development has been dismissed. Now it’s just the game itself. Tweet

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