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Historic: Trip cost calculator Android app

*** DESCRIPTION *** This application allows to calculate the trip cost among shared car passengers. *** ADVANTAGES *** – Supports two different unit systems: Kilometrers / Litrers or Miles / Gallons. – Easy way to calculate the trip costs. –

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Historic: Discworld Reading Guide Android app

Updated to Discworld Reading Guide 2.2 / 2013. A -very- simple but useful (and nice) Discworld reading graphic guide. You can Zoom in/out over the Guide. Note: Now the app is offline. Internet connection is not required Guide Contributors: Richard

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Historic: Life Simulator Android app

LifeProject is an opensource basic life (ecosystem) simulator. This is not a game ‘per se’, is a playable scientific / educational application. This simulator has three main elements with its own model and behaviour. The plants (resources), and two species

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Update: new version of the Discworld Reading Guide App

The Discworld Reading Guide App has been updated. Now offline and better resolution content. Updated to the last guide version available. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guide.discworld&hl=en Tweet

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