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Weather station. Building the cartonboard prototype (II). The components

I’m still working on the weather station prototype and it’s almost done. The only step pending (and very important indeed) in this project is the external design, labels, printings, etc.. In the next post about the weather station I’ll make a

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New iteration of arduino weather station

I have a new iteration of arduino weather station: Improvements: -Less spaghetti wires and smaller. -Fancy screen output (with color bar for light sensor and no blinking) -Arduino Micro instead of Arduino Uno. -Temperature sensor removed (replaced with DHT22). -DHT22 instead

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360º panoramic mobile camera stand with velocity controller. Iteration 4

New: using a potentiometer for velocity control. Thanks to http://www.genotronex.com/2013/06/servo-motor_21.html Code Tweet

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360º panoramic arduino machine. Iteration 3

I’m a comlpete disaster in handcrafting, but i’m trying to improve the 360º panoramic arduino machine. Improvements: Wood structure instead of carton. Better stability of camera holder. 5600 mha battery charger. Better servo attachment to the wood base. Better arduino micro

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360º programmable panoramic mobile camera system with Arduino Micro controller

I’ve build a 360º programmable panoramic mobile camera system with Arduino Micro controller. The goal: create 360º videos or time-lapses.     With the Arduino Micro you can control the Servo rotation velocity. Before posting a video, i’m trying to make

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