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LifeBox in MagPi magazine issue #35


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New iteration of the LifeBox: the controller panel

Here it is the new iteration of the LifeBox: an Arduino based control panel with 5 beautiful configurable rotary angle controllers allowing to change the behaviour of the species in real time whitout touching the code! Current C code is

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@Iamachatterbot: a Twitter Eliza chatterbot running in a Raspberry Pi

@Iamachatterbot is a Twitter Eliza chatterbot running in a Raspberry Pi device.Is an early example of primitive natural language processing and a  a simulation of a Rogerian psychotherapist operated by processing users responses to scripts. Using almost no information about human thought or emotion,

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Raspberry Pi Life Simulator

Using one Raspberry Pi and one 32×32 RGB Led Panel and inspired by my Life Simulator Android App I created a Rasbperry version. The idea is to parametrize the behaviour of plants (green) and two herbivore species (red and blue) that compete among each

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Eliza: a very basic natural language processing chatterbot

Testing the examples of  Android Wear preview I found the code of Eliza, a basic chatterbot and one of the earliest programs to employ primitive natural language processing. According to wikipedia, Eliza operated by processing users’ responses to scripts, the most famous

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Historic: Life Simulator Android app

LifeProject is an opensource basic life (ecosystem) simulator. This is not a game ‘per se’, is a playable scientific / educational application. This simulator has three main elements with its own model and behaviour. The plants (resources), and two species

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The ‘Quiniela’ machine

We are working on a supersecret 😉 IA system to win a lot -hehehehe- of money*. The objective is to build a methodology based on multifaceted simulations to reduce the random component of  a  highly random but conditioned events set.

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