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Raspberry Jam Barcelona 2015. Resumen y galería de imagenes.

  El pasado 11 de Abril se celebró en el MOB (Makers of Barcelona) / FabCafe BCN, en la calle Bailen, 11 de Barcelona, un encuentro de entusiastas del mundo Maker en general y de la Raspberry Pi en particular.

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Time-lapses go mobile

Smartphones are a good alternative for casual timelapses. Although everyday you can find more cameras (compact and DSLR ones) with intervalometer as a feature, the reality is that the chances to find a affordable camera with intervalometer are small, so

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Concept: Ground pictures

I don’t know why, but I love to take pictures of the ground, I think they are simply beautiful. No photoshoped images. http://thegroundproject.ferranfabregas.info/ Tweet

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