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Mowayduino robot API and IDE testing script

Script to test the Mowayduino robot API:   //**************************************** // Libraries //**************************************** #include “MowayduinoRobot.h” #include #include //**************************************** // Objects //**************************************** mowayduinorobot robot; //**************************************** // RF event function (necessary for compiling) //**************************************** void RfDataReady(); void RfDataReady() {} //**************************************** // // Main Program

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Forthcoming ideas: creating a NES emulator

Emulators development have always been a very interesting (and complex) world to me. Yesterday I found an incredible  speedrun video of developing a functional C++ NES emulator  in less than 15 minutes (using assisted speedrun tools obviously). The best thing is that the

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Book: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming

I love videogame programming and I’m trying to learn OpenGL, so I bought this:   http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-OpenGL-Programming-Second-Edition/dp/159863528X Tweet

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First approach to Linux kernel module programming

I Always have been interested about kernel internals, so I’ve found that old but fre, interesting and easy to follow book about Linux kernel module programming. This is an excellent guide for anyone wishing to get started on kernel module

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