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Android version of the rogue-like game

I’m working on the Android version of rogue-like game.   Tweet

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New demo of the rogue-style RPG game.

The old-style 2d engine and the ‘demo’ game are evolving. What’s new: -Engine based on Libgdx -Mouse / touchpad control -Action bar + visual character inventory -Music -Can run on Android devices Needed (Engine): -More complex tile management, drawing more

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Playable 2D rogue-like demo game

I’m still working on the 2D Rogue-like engine and the Rogue-like game. Tweet

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Under development: 2D RPG Java game engine

For several years I’ve thinked about building a Rogue style RPG game. So I’m trying now (again) to build a Java/Android Rogue-like RPG game. UPDATED: now using LIBGDX. You can get the source code from github: https://github.com/ferriman/explorerRPG Tweet

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