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Banyoles time-lapses


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Another time-lapse using the ikea kitchen timer


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Using IKEA kitchen timer as 360º time-lapse panoramic device

Some time ago I made a 360º panoramic mobile camera stand for time-lapses using Arduino micro. It works good, but have some issues using 360º continuous servo as a rotation device so I tried a new concept: Use an Ikea

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Barceloneta beach time-lapse


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360º panoramic arduino machine. Iteration 3

I’m a comlpete disaster in handcrafting, but i’m trying to improve the 360º panoramic arduino machine. Improvements: Wood structure instead of carton. Better stability of camera holder. 5600 mha battery charger. Better servo attachment to the wood base. Better arduino micro

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First 360º time-lapse video using the DIY ‘arduino device’

This isn’t a great video indeed, but is a concept demo of my DIY 360º progammable time-lapse device. Tweet

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Phone tripod

Finaly, I’ve a good mobile phone tripod for better time-lapses. And a quick on-the-fly time-lapse to try it:   Tweet

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Experimenting with time-lapses: In car time-lapse

I’ve tried to attach my GPS support with my Smartphone, trying to make a ‘on the road’ time-lapse. Tweet

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Ice melting time-lapse

Ice melting time-lapse to try Samsung Galaxy Nexus (not a very good cam). Tweet

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Time-lapses go mobile

Smartphones are a good alternative for casual timelapses. Although everyday you can find more cameras (compact and DSLR ones) with intervalometer as a feature, the reality is that the chances to find a affordable camera with intervalometer are small, so

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