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First 360º time-lapse video using the DIY ‘arduino device’

This isn’t a great video indeed, but is a concept demo of my DIY 360º progammable time-lapse device. Tweet

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Video, source code and schematics of the prototype of a (very) basic arduino based weather station

Video and raw C code of the weather station (the code is very, very raw and dirty, only for testing purposes) The recipe: Arduino ONE TFT/LCD Board Photoresistor Humidity sensor (DHT11/DHT22) Temperature sensor Protoboard 10K Resistors Wires 9V Battery Small

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New demo of the rogue-style RPG game.

The old-style 2d engine and the ‘demo’ game are evolving. What’s new: -Engine based on Libgdx -Mouse / touchpad control -Action bar + visual character inventory -Music -Can run on Android devices Needed (Engine): -More complex tile management, drawing more

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Experimenting with time-lapses: In car time-lapse

I’ve tried to attach my GPS support with my Smartphone, trying to make a ‘on the road’ time-lapse. Tweet

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Ice melting time-lapse

Ice melting time-lapse to try Samsung Galaxy Nexus (not a very good cam). Tweet

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Time-lapse 2: improving

I’ve tried to repeat the previous timelapse, improving it. In this version, I have lengthened the video, covering day-night transition, the video has also been edited and music has been added.   Tweet

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My first time-lapse. The Linux easy way

Maybe this will be the first post that will give some useful information 😉 When I saw a timelapse for the first time I was amazed, and I promised me that I’ll do it sometime. What do you need to

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