Weather station. Building the cartonboard prototype (II). The components

I’m still working on the weather station prototype and it’s almost done. The only step pending (and very important indeed) in this project is the external design, labels, printings, etc..

In the next post about the weather station I’ll make a simple how to, to build it from scratch, but now I’ll write a full list of needed components and some pictures of the raw weather station plainness before the final external decoration.


  1. A cartonboard of small-medium size
  2. Raspberry Pi model B or B+
  3. Arduino Micro
  4. 1 Protoboard
  5. 3 180º Servos
  6. 1 Photoresistor
  7. 1 10k resistor
  8. 1 0.1-10uF capacitor
  9. 1 DHT22 sensor
  10. 1 USB – micro USB cable
  11. 1 micro USB connector
  12. 1 Wifi Dongle (if you want to send the data online)
  13. 1 Power Supply
  14. A lot of wires and jumpers


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